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Evolving the Workplace Through Strategic and Creative Solutions

The world
of work is changing.

It’s changed from stability to flexibility. From 401ks to work from home days. Passions outweighing paychecks. One 9-to-5 self, replaced with one’s whole self.

It’s time to rewrite the way we work – and just because it’s the way it’s always been done, doesn’t mean it’s the way it has to be.

We believe that employee branding should be an evolution of your current brand. We believe that innovation doesn’t just happen in a bubble, and we believe that only the best work attracts the best candidates.


Scenarios abound about the future of work and the implications for individuals, companies, and societies. Technological advances, government policies, employee expectations, and sentiment, are reshaping what we know as work, while the pace of change continues to accelerate.


We read an article every other day about what Gen XYZ is doing these days, and how to keep them engaged, but we need to put the practice behind the purpose.
As a strategic partner, The Work Shop by Hierarchy is primed to dissect and discuss the nuances of an evolving talent ecosystem.

As the workplace rapidly evolves, companies that proactively challenge and improve their recruitment and employee brand strategy will stay ahead.

We focus on four different areas, many of which are symbiotic:


Focusing on what type of employees you are going after, how are you finding them, and how are you converting them from applicant to thriving employee?

Our robust insights and audience segmentation create dynamic applicant and employee journeys based on media touchpoints and consumer-focused tactics, making sure to reach a wide variety of potential talent wherever they are.


We create custom surveys and research panels to answer existential questions for your business needs, talent recruitment practices, and employee brand.


Our strategic and creative approach aims to motivate, inspire, and attract top talent while also keeping current employees happy and engaged.

We offer a wide variety of creative solutions that stand out to attract top tier talent, navigate cultural shifts, and ease organizational change.


Facilitating conversations with executives to create a talent framework that lays out the essential qualities, behaviors, and motivations they wish to see in the company’s talent prospects.

We create
long-term recruitment strategies for next-generation workplaces.

The Work Shop, by Hierarchy, reaches across multiple disciplines within the creative spectrum, and it’s our priority to help attract the top talent that transforms your current business demands, whether they be in the consumer world, the startup world or beyond.

We Look Forward To Working With You