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Working to be the #1 leader in pool cleaning, Maytronics was looking for standout retail display solutions for their dealer network that highlighted the advanced level of technology within their suite of robots. Key considerations were customer experience, footprint, and product offering.


The initial start to the solution was to audit the individual retail environments throughout their retail providers to understand overallchallenges and identify untapped opportunities. Maytronics robots are a stand-out amongst all the other options available within maintenance equipment. The displays needed to engage customers to explore the advantages of utilizing a robot over legacy methods.

The solution of encompassed versions of displays highlighted options from the entire line to just a single robot so that there was an option that solved for all retail environments. The reimagining of standard fixtures into enhanced experiences was vital, and the addition of custom display forms allowed for brand expressions that were much more dynamic. One focus was to create a system that could easily roll-out and evolve over time with reduced overall costs.

• Product display options "carry" product on the shelf to sell or display more model options.

• Development of a digital ordering portal was established for display parts.

• A Counter video display was added to dealers' offerings that couldn't support a free-standing display.

• Quick-shop parts displays were introduced to highlight essential customer items by season.


uptick in updated display kit ordering


increase in overall robot sales during season with new informative retail experience

Maytronics – Dealer retail display
Maytronics – Dealer retail display
Maytronics – Dealer retail display
Maytronics – Dealer retail display
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