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Credit Union Brand Reinvention


Max Credit Union identified the need to update the credit unions overarching brand to express its mission well into the future and have a more profound representation of its client base. The only limit to the brand reinvention was to leave the current brand mark in place and untouched.


A research deep-dive was conducted to understand the surrounding communities and reveal critical insights about the community's uniqueness. An insight that repeatedly identified itself was a high percentage of multi-generational and diverse households in the larger metropolitan area—many with first-time family members in local universities. This valuable information highly influenced the new brand direction and tagline of "Smart Money. Made Simple."

Call Outs:

• A comprehensive photoshoot was completed to deliver a robust brand image library that was fully inclusive and highlighted multi-generations across families.

• The marketing of every business line was enhanced to offer a new simplicity through design and messaging.

• Lifestyle imagery played an essential supportive role in marketing materials, ensuring that the visual representation of the generational family transcends over business lines suggesting a knowledge and wealth transfer.

• Developed a unique brand voice tone for out-of-home opportunities to garner attention and interest.


increase in multi-account growth


increase in generational account setup and wealth transfers

Max Credit Union retail signage — Your Pennies Just Got Lucky
Max Credit Union retail signage — For Moments Like These
Max Credit Union retail signage _ My Max Mean
Max Credit Union credit card direct mail
Max Credit Union email Wealth Management
Max Credit Union credit card design
Max Credit Union billboard advertising - I'm a Sign! Of Great Things to Come
Max Credit Union billboard – No Lines. No, Really.
Max Credit Union billboard – New To Troy. Not To Money. Now Open!
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Max Credit Union ATM/retail receipt design
Max Credit Union ATM screen – Shift Into Simple.
Max Credit Union ATM screen – Shift Into Simple.