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The chance to have a retail presence on the worldly-known Michigan Avenue is an opportunity not to miss. Our friends at AT&T jumped at the chance. This one-of-kind experience store needed to deliver brand interaction beyond the imagination that AT&T powers.


The focus of "Journey of Innovation" was a digital and connected lifestyle showcase brought to you by AT&T technology. Digital signage and movement played a key role in the overall experience moving guests throughout the space and asking them to pause at scheduled simulated intervals to help them envision the possibilities. Physical retail experiences also heightened with connectivity to AI activations to immerse visions on their journey through this experience store. The external experience of passersby was as important as the interior as it provided a "peek" into the displays and sparked curiosity.

Call Outs:

• Delivered specialized, high-touch physical experiences that highlighted the uniqueness of the exclusive product mix.

• Development of individualized lifestyle spaces that highlighted AT&T digital products and future technology.

• Sourcing and customization of unique "Chicago-esque" decor enhanced with the AT&T brand. Many internal and external partnerships to bring the overarching experience to life.


brand impressions daily to passersby

AT&T Michigan Avenue Retail Experience
AT&T Michigan Avenue product display
AT&T Michigan Avenue digital wall experience zone
AT&T Michigan Avenue Retail Experience