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Developing a new brand identity for a sacred tradition.


With the rise in psychedelics' popularity, it was no surprise that specialized retreats would start expanding globally. The birth of a new Ayahuasca community in Costa Rica was the next evolution in the space that focuses on delivering a bridge between profound subconscious moments that hinder and the open possibilities of a brighter future.


To begin, a name was needed for this upcoming life-changing experience. Through much research and stakeholder interviews of prior experiences, the Reunion brand was born.The name offers a direct connection to the journey participants will experience.

A full brand development process commenced, ultimately delivering a system that has a deep connection to the Ayahuasca experience and the uniqueness of the “blue zone” in Costa Rica. Additionally, a comprehensive narrative that expresses the Reunion experience was developed to represent the detailed information in a complete and on-brand tone throughout their leveling-up journey.

Reunion Costa Rick Identity Design

A comprehensive breand guide was develped, including detailed directions, for applications across all digital and physical needs.

Remote photo shoot with live art direction to ensure capture of the sacred moments deliver the the brand experience.

Specialized brand identity application that included a textureal experience directly from the Ayahyasca vine.


  • Reunion Costa Rica opens Fall 2022
  • Developed brand identity, including logo design, voice and tone development, and positioning plan.
  • Assisted with retreat uniform material selection, on-site signage, and photo direction.
  • Developed website with original design,development, and copy writing.
  • Worked alongside Reunion leadership team to create thought leadership and media opportunities.

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