Making Connection

Refreshing in-store experiences, both new and existing.


Keeping retail environments fresh for consumers is a brand priority. AT&T was seeking ideas for both new and existing in-store displays. Hierarchy developed fresh concepts and display design to engage customers with an interactive experience.  


Our team's first approach was to address the experience within the existing footprint and store environment structure—things that could be changed. What we delivered was a unique design aesthetic within the promotional items that mixed lifestyle, and an animated world that suggested a theme across the device and product sections. Full of life and movement it was an elevated play on freedom of the connected experiences AT&T products and services can deliver. Call them your superhero if you like.

We also envisioned what it could be like utilizing the same footprint, creating a whole new space. More lifestyle moments that happen through "connected" experiences. Leveling-up each generation of stores with new breakout experiences customizable by each stores’ footprint.

Retail design concepts highligting the move from product to product experience vignettes.

Application of concepts across retail store generations.


  • Installation of digital signage with motion graphics added liveliness.
  • All designs worked across four generations of stores—each with a unique opportunity to solve.
  • "Future" environments were simplified and then rebuilt with enhanced connected experiences like "Movie in the Backyard", "Fitness", and" Connected Car".

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