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July 1, 2017

What if I told you that 22% of the southeast has never stepped into a large, national retail branch to qualify for a loan. It’s true, over 22% of residents in the states of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida are underbanked and not garnering their attention can cost you. 

Keep in mind, these are people that have assets, property, automobiles and consistent income, but their financial dealings are purely a relationship of convenience. They choose to rely upon pay-day loan centers and title loan institutions for their financing needs. The big banks largely ignore this audience and do not appropriate the resources to encourage, educate and attract this untapped market. MAX credit union recognizes the undeniable benefit of sparking a conversation with the under-banked and has welcomed Hierarchy, Inc. as the agency to activate this audience.

Armed with third-party research and customer surveys, we analyzed and pooled all the data to build a comprehensive strategy for not only the site but also social campaigns and ongoing improvements. This is just one example of how Hierarchy, Inc. is increasing the influence of banking brands by launching a well formulated, consumer-driven strategic platform that promotes long-form conversation opportunities turning a “no” into a “not-now,” all while reducing single service accounts. 

A moment of decision, of realization, of transformation, of gratitude. The universally felt intensity and significance of these often life-changing instances are the powerful, emotional, connective force behind MOMENTS THAT MATTER. Providing a simplifying focus and guidance is what sets this direction apart from other emotional-financial messaging. Hierarchy, Inc. developed the new strategy platform, full-suite of ownable lifestyle photography, tagline introduction, omnichannel rollout, retail reinvention, and MAX Smart Rewards Visa® card and program design.

Hierarchy ignites your brand's perpetual motion—transforming data into real life action and provides a unique shopper marketing clarity service to the banking industry. 

See more about our work with Max Credit Union here.

David J Gacsko
David is a strategic and laser-focused visionary that establishes channel-specific solutions, that flow up to a big idea, and encourage actionable consumer responsiveness and brand loyalty.